4 New Moments Every Marketer Should Know

We can’t stress how important it is to take advantage of real-time cell phone users in your area! According to this new Google think story, “most google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers”. Some valuable tips to take into account when deciding how to properly budget your digital marketing efforts. Trust the experts, people. It matters!

Here are the 4 New Moments Every Marketer Should Know:


The reality is, people like to look things up nowadays and their phone is the quickest way to do so. Have your brand properly displayed for them, make your product easy to find and easy to buy on mobile phones!


Geo-targeting is real, which means that the people who are looking you up on their mobile phones are just around the block and they’re ready to make a purchase. Make sure your brand is ranked on search engines and properly listed on map directories.


People want to take action. Give your customers the ability to experience your brand on the fly. The mobile phone let’s people be spontaneous and your brand should be available to them.


Make sure your product is ready for the customer to purchase at all times! The internet allows us the freedom to make purchases at any given moment and brands must capitalize on these situations.